What are some jobs that offer to pay student loans back besides teaching?

Answer Social workers, nurses, medical doctors, peace corp volunteers, and sometimes even translators(arabic, chinese, or russian etc). I am getting my masters in social work so I looked it up and after y... Read More »

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Any private lenders that offer student loans to people with bad credit?

You will be able to get a loan if you have a credit worthy co-signer.

How may student loans can you have any bad credit ones besides stafford loans help?

There you go :…Good luck !

Does anybody know any "companies" that offer student loans for international students?

Perhaps a bank from the country you or your parents are residents of?

What are some Verizon wireless phones that have cameras on the front and back besides the iPhone 4?

Goto Settings/About Phone/Battery Info (this might differ from phone to phone) Or download a battery widget from Android Market