Why do some people feel compelled to hide their forum questions from specific others?

Answer several reasons-1. they don't want people to read their previous questions as they don't want to be judged2. they don't like people's answers,even if they are truthful, so they block them-it's happ... Read More »

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How can children move from their mother's home into their father's home when the parents share joint custody?

AnswerThe judge should not have a problem with the child's best interest. The father would need to file a petition for primary custody before the child could legally change residents. However, in m... Read More »

Do congressmen have jobs in their home state?

Many members of Congress have professions unrelated to politics. Lawyer is the most common profession in the 111th Congress. The Congressional Research Service also found 16 medical doctors, two de... Read More »

What are some big mistakes people often fail their road test for?

Awww don't even worry about it Dave I failed my first time too for a "big mistake" I was at the side of the top of a hill, and almost got hit making a left turn because I saw no cars so I started t... Read More »

What are some jobs that people have that deal with weather?