What are some jobs involving children?

Answer NICU nursePediatric nurseOccupational therapistEarly childhood special education teacherSocial workerEnglish as a second language teacherArt therapy teacherMusic therapy teacherAudiologistSpeech pa... Read More »

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What Are the Dangers of Involving Children in School Fundraisers?

In an effort to raise funds to support the PTA, sports, the library and various other programs, schools enlist the students to participate in fundraisers. With the proper standards and ethics in pl... Read More »

What are some good developmentally appropriate activities for 3-4 year old children involving winter?

Math: Patterns! Snowflake, snowman, snowflake, snowman...Science: Go on a nature walk and take pictures of signs of winterSocial studies: How does your family celebrate in the winter?Art: Snowman s... Read More »

What is the name of the British children's TV program involving a boy with three diamonds on his shoulder blade with the main character being a young girl who appeared to be on the run from something?

yeas he did! in a episode called a chrismas micey i gusse and he blushed too

Top 10 Jobs for Children?

Many young children are looking to earn extra money. Working at an age-appropriate, paying job will allow your child to earn extra cash while learning about the responsibility that goes with money.... Read More »