10 Interesting Facts About Metrics?

Answer The metric unit is based on the decimal system. The metric system is based on the metric unit, which is used to measure length, mass and volume. There is debate over who exactly created the metric ... Read More »

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Interesting Beef Cow Facts?

Beef cattle are raised for meat production. The domestication of cattle for food began around 6500 B.C. in the Middle East. Not being native to America, cattle were brought to the New World on ship... Read More »

Interesting Facts About Greek Art?

Introductory art history classes in colleges and universities study ancient Greek art because of its impact on subsequent art movements. While Greek artists such as El Greco gained recognition in l... Read More »

Interesting Facts About the Marines?

The United States Marines is an amphibious naval infantry corps, trained to fight at sea, on land and in the air. Perhaps more than any other military corps, the Marines are known for their toughne... Read More »

Interesting Facts About the Stink Bug?

Stink bugs have developed this name because they release an unpleasant odor when deterring predators or when they are crushed. Stink bugs were originally found in east Asia and were first reported ... Read More »