What are some interesting facts about the invention of the dishwasher?

Answer u can smash them and you can clean dishes in them and you can wash your familys pets inside them thank you for your timeGorge W BushOld President

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10 Facts About the Invention of the Telegraph?

Samuel F.B. Morse was the inventor of the telegraph. He sent the first message via his invention in May of 1844. The significance of this invention and demonstration was quickly recognized, and man... Read More »

Any interesting facts about colombia?

Hi Mark,there are tons of fact about Colombia. It has the 4th largest economy in South America, it has the 2nd largest Spanish speaking population in the world, it is famous for its production of c... Read More »

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Interesting Facts About Elm Trees?

Elm trees originated in the ancient forests of Central Asia and gradually spread throughout the western hemisphere. During the 19th and 20th centuries, they were the shade tree of choice in Europe ... Read More »