Any home remedies for headaches?

Answer you don't need remedies, all you needis to keep good posture and keep blood sugar level.two types headaches: front and back headache and one side headache or both side.low blood sugar known for cau... Read More »

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Are there any natural remedies for headaches?

Aww :'( sorry I don't know of any. Headaches suck!

What kind of remedies are there for bad headaches?

Marijuana has always been good for headaches. Now, if they would just make it legal.

Anyone got any good natural remedies for headaches?

This really works well:Acupressure for Relieving Headacheshttp://www.chinese-holistic-health-exerc…How Can Aromatherapy Be Used to Treat Headache? * Chamomile (Matricaria chamomilla) because ... Read More »

What are some non-medicinal remedies for migraine headaches?

Caffeine is often in the meds but oddly enough drinking coffee can cause or exacerbate migraine...not sure how that works but I have found it out myself. Also be careful of red wine cheese and choc... Read More »