What are some healthy meats I can serve my vegetarian guests?

Answer I can see why you have that screen name.Tofu or beans would do it beans are a source of protein but are not meat.also you could grind walnuts on top of salad

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What are some different but healthy ways to serve avocados to kids?

Try the Italian way by doing a Tricolore Ciabatta/Panini. It is called Tricolore as it represents the colours in the Italian flag.This is: Panini/Ciabatta Avocado Mozzarella Sun Dried TomatoesGrea... Read More »

What restaurants are there that serve game meats in Philly?

Just eat your beef, chicken, and pork. Everything else is a special occasion. oO

Where can i buy vegetarian meats?

Wholefoods MarketTrader Joe'sYour local Asian groceries (i.e. Vietnamese, Chinese, etc.) should also have vegetarian meats such as mock duck, vegetarian ham, vegetarian chicken, etc. as well as bak... Read More »

What is one vegetable you never serve to guests?