What are some healthy dinners for kids?

Answer Roasted vegetable lasagne and saladSheperds pie and fresh vegHome made pizzaI think anything cooked from scratch is better than ready mealsand if the kids can help make it it encourages them to eat... Read More »

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What are some different but healthy ways to serve avocados to kids?

Try the Italian way by doing a Tricolore Ciabatta/Panini. It is called Tricolore as it represents the colours in the Italian flag.This is: Panini/Ciabatta Avocado Mozzarella Sun Dried TomatoesGrea... Read More »

How healthy are Lean Cuisine frozen dinners?

On One Hand: Lean Cuisine Meals Offer Low-Cal VarietyLean Cuisine meals are portion-controlled entreés with a cup or two of vegetables. They are low in calories, containing about 200-400 calories ... Read More »

What are some easy SIMPLE dinners...?

It can be a challenge to make a quick, simple dinner that is equally delicious. Most families make the same dishes all the time, and they get old after a short time. Some of my family’s favorite ... Read More »

Why does some people enjoy processed dinners vs home cooked meals?

lots of salt, fat, sugar, and msg.... in other words: the stuff is addicting (but that doesnt meant it actually tastes better)also food seems to taste better when you arent the one that cooks it lo... Read More »