What are some great wines?

Answer the list i could give is to long to posti did a google search for dessert wines and came up with one site that proved to be very informative…also have a l... Read More »

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Can you recommend any great wines?

Sure I can, just dont know what kind of wine you like... As for a dry red, Parker Station is really good. Any of the Yellowtail wines are good. And the Berringer White Zin and White Merlot are good... Read More »

What Are Some Slightly Sweet White Wines?

White wines that are slightly sweet can have a variety of food pairings that drier red and white wines cannot. They can be more versatile and accompany many exotic and spicy Chinese, Indian and Tha... Read More »

One day about a 2 or 3 years ago you and your friends were watching a great tv show on scifi and it had many great stories some scary and some cool and at the end it said if they were true what was it?

In the final episode of "Quantum Leap", Sam leaped into himself at a cafe on the exact day of his birth. He was told he could control the leaps and could return home at any time or continue to help... Read More »

Need some good red wines?