What are some great websites for Vegan and Vegetarian recipes :) ?

Answer The one I'm liking more and more is FatFree Vegan. She just has amazing stuff that sounds like food I would make with one recipe leading to another before I realize I've spent an hour pouring over ... Read More »

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What are some vegan/vegetarian recipes that I can add meat to so they will taste better?

Aloo muttor gobi is very popular among the vegetarian Indians I run into all the time and I always share my aloo with them but they never seem to notice that it has pork in it. I get the pork from ... Read More »

What are some great websites for recipes :) ?… Read More »

Where is a good source of easy-ish vegan or vegetarian recipes?

The vegetarian society has a really good website, and there are some lovely recipes on there.…

What are the great vegetarian/vegan myths?

Protein deficient, pale, anemic, self-righteous, gay/lesbian, "plants feel pain", "fish don't feel pain", "God made animals for us to eat", "vegetarianism isn't natural so therefore we shouldn't be... Read More »