What are some good websites for 12 year old's?

Answer Brainpop, my 10yr old sister likes it. It's informative and teaches a lot of things. Like recently she wanted to know about 9-11-01 and I thought the website did a good job explaining it.

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What are some good party themes for 20-30 year olds?

depends on your type of ppl exactly. You can have a "rich" party where everyone dresses really richy and jeweled up, make and drink the most extravagant drinks and have fun extravagant hordeurves. ... Read More »

What are some good places to go to for a 10 year olds birthday?

The Children's Museum of the Arts in Soho is fun.182 Lafayette Street, ManhattanCentral Park Zoo is great - lots of animals, petting zoo, exhibits, polar bearsChildren's Museum on the Upper West Si... Read More »

What are some good activites to teach 3-4 year olds social studies.?

You might want to start with things that apply to a three and four and year olds life. They will understand this better. For instance, you can talk about their families, how many people are in it... Read More »

What educational websites are free for 8 year olds?

My mother-in-law has been a teacher for 27 (twenty seven) years. She loves for reading and sign language. She uses, and for math practice.She even ... Read More »