What are some good webcams brands/models?

Answer Check out the websites of Logitech, Creative, and Microsoft.All make good webcams. Check the features carefully if you want to have those fancy video effects, because not every cam supports them.Fi... Read More »

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What are good webcams i can buy?

I got a nice HD one (720p) from Gearhead for $15 at Big Lots. It's quite nice, even has LED illumination.

Does anyone know any good quality webcams?

Have a look at… - full HD and really highres stills. Final quality will depend on the ambient lighting where you're using it but it ticks all the tech box... Read More »

What are some good or some of your favorite Warner Brothers movies?

Warner Bros. AnimationI provided a link to the wikipedia page with the list of animated movies produced by Warner Brothers

What are some good excersizes to lose some weight and belly fat?

Low-level cardio is good for burning fat. Walking, biking, rowing, something that will increase your heartrate no more than 65% than your resting rate (typically 120-125 for 20-30 yr olds). Unfort... Read More »