What are some good ways to tone up my thighs, calves, and stomach?

Answer Don't eat anything high in carbs before bed. That means nothing heaving like breads or pastas. The next thing is you need to try and eat several small meals a day and don't cut any meals out. It ac... Read More »

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I need to tone my legs,thighs, and stomach FAST!?

DO NOT STARVE YOURSELF< that will just take longer for u to lose weight, cuz since ur not getting enough energy from food, ur body has to store ur fat for energy, so it creates more fat. Thus, u ge... Read More »

How can I tone my stomach, thighs an bum Also how can I make my breasts bigger/have more shape?

as far as buns and thoghs the easiest excercise is to stay active and just run or a can also do squats for 40-50 reps it will help tighten the muscles and make a firm shape..You abs ... Read More »

What are some good workouts to tone my thighs?

Squats are the best and so are lunges. I found a great website for good workouts to tone your inner and outer thighs.

How do I get rid of the fat on my thighs and calves?

First and Best Way: Excersize!!!!!!!!!!! You need to excersize atleast 1 hour a day and I would say Running/Jogging is the best way to go about it. But personally, I hate that so I do jumping jacks... Read More »