What are some good ways to reduce the pain of a sunburn that is blistering?

Answer This will sound strange to you... sponge down with vinegar, white distilled vinegar. It does two things. First, the acidity minimizes the risk of infection of the skin. Second it soothes and pro... Read More »

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Any good ways of reducing sunburn pain?

solarcaine and an aspirinor take a bath with some tea bags

I have this horrible sunburn that hurts really bad, what can I do to reduce the pain, or just make it go away?

put on aloe vera gel, it is natural and it helps to fade it and reduce the pain. Although it isn't immediate, it works adventually.

Should you go to the hospital for a blistering sunburn?

If it is very mild clean apply sin ointment. If deep and purple better go to a hospital.

What is the best thing for a blistering sunburn?

Rub apple cider vinegar on the sunburn with cotton balls, for large areas, make a apple cider vinegar compress. Helps with pain, keeps area moist and prevents blistering and peeling.Another good re... Read More »