What are some good ways to get scolarships/?

Answer I recommend using a combination several approaches to locate scholarships and financial aid for college. There are scholarships for many things including ethnicity, religion, hobbies, and club memb... Read More »

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What are some good ways on how to get rid of pimples?

What are some good, quick ways to get rid of belly fat?

There are really no quick ways. If you eat balanced meals and avoid a lot of the fatty foods and avoid excessive snacking,drink plenty of water, and get excercise you will start to lose about an av... Read More »

What are some good ways to clear up Whitehead's?

Try clearasil rinses and scrubs for body and face :) it works for me.

What are some good ways to lower cholesterol?

Try exercising. Start a high fiber diet. Listen to what your doctor says and stay away from fast foods.