What are some good ways for masturbation ( GIRLS ONLY )?

Answer u should be a lesbian and sleep with girls only

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Masturbation (for girls)?

I heard a "statistic" - that 90% of all people, men and women, do...and the 10% that don't are liars. :)

(girls only) Masturbation: Do u and when did u start?

Um I don't because I really don't know what that is so........

Girls.....why dont you talk about masturbation?

I think it's conditioning...It's something that has never been openly discussed or joked about like male masturbation. Even in this day and age it remains girls keep it private...we don... Read More »

Are there any side effects from masturbation for girls while trying to get pregnant?

A girl or woman can masturbate or even have sexual intercourse and have orgasms with no fear of any side effects, either while she is trying to get pregnant or while she is pregnant.