What are some good tips on having a successful yard sale?

Answer Make sure the stuff your selling is mostly clean, well marked, and neatly arranged. Group similar items together. Have well marked signs leading people to your sale. You should have two people w... Read More »

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I'm looking for help on having a garage / yard sale..........?

Any weekend with nice weather is good. Start early 7 or 8 am and go until 1 or 2pm. Don't have a garage sale to make money. Jobs are for making money. Garage sales are for getting rid of stuff. Pri... Read More »

Hi im having a yard do i get lots of people come?

Hey Megan,There are numerous web resources for advertising your yard sale.My favorite is: http://www.yardhopper.comBest of luck!

Im having my first yard sale this weekend. Any hints?

I've had a lot of garage sales. We tend to collect junk so we do it twice a year to keep sane. He is out strategy:I have one of those office-type urn coffee makers, so I make coffee and have donuts... Read More »

Is there some secret reason for having the revolving sign outside New Scotland Yard?

Yes it is supposed to be a closely guarded secret known only to a few insiders within the Met ....but seeing as you asked & as I am privvy to this secret, I shall tell you.The revolving sign is tec... Read More »