What are some good tips on having a successful yard sale?

Answer Make sure the stuff your selling is mostly clean, well marked, and neatly arranged. Group similar items together. Have well marked signs leading people to your sale. You should have two people w... Read More »

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Does anyone have any good tips for elliminating daisies from my yard.?

How to Have a Successful Car Boot Sale?

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What do you do if you want to have a yard sale but don't have a yard?

If the products you are selling are good enough to overcome the entry fee, you can look for flea markets to sell at. These will provide you a location to sell outdoors, and are popular in my area o... Read More »

How do start a yard sale?

Collect whatever you want to sell. Make sure nothing is all dirty. Just wipe things down. You wouldn't want to but someone elses' dirty stuff, right? Put prices on them as you go. Just think what Y... Read More »