Your girlfriend wants a child and everytime you have sex you shoot your sperm inside her you have done this like 4 times but she just wont get pregnant shes not on birth control or didnt get tubes tie?

Answer There could be many reasons why she won't get pregnant. For many couples that are trying to conceive, it takes majority up to a year to finally get pregnant. I would suggest have sex every other da... Read More »

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How to Get the Best of Things With Your Ex Girlfriend?

This is not a how to get back with your ex, with this, you have great potential to do so.Over all you want to get the best of your ex. Doing this you get far more attractive than her current "guy" ... Read More »

Fun things to do in LA with your boyfriend/girlfriend?

See the walk of fame.( where the most famous actors have left there footprints) Tour the Movie studio'sDrive along the pacific highwayHave fun, stay out of the crime ridden areas though !--

Things to Do With Your Girlfriend on Their Birthday?

Birthday ideas can become difficult to come up with for your girlfriend, whether she's your romantic interest or best female friend. Honor her by celebrating the day in a special way she'll remembe... Read More »

Small Things to Do for a Girlfriend?

Doing small things for your girlfriend is a great way to remind her how much you care. You don't have to use a grand gesture or an expensive gift to show her how much you appreciate her. In fact, s... Read More »