What are some good places to take your girlfriend to in Denver?

Answer Dude, you're not taking my girlfriend anywhere!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Oh wait, you mean YOUR girlfriend.............The Chart House in Gennessee, good food, better view.

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What are some of the things that are good and bad for your heart?

Good for the heart:--* Aerobic exercise.* Low fat diet + fruits & vegetables.(vegetarian diet).* Omega-3 fatty acid.Bad for the heart:-- * High saturated fat diet may cause coronary artery disease.... Read More »

What are some things to do when your bored at home?

I was just making this list from various cites online, i want to try and do them all before summer is over... :)Simple Boredom Fighters • Blow bubbles with bubble gum • Blow on a beer bottle â€... Read More »

What are some things to think about when designing your own home?

Will you want a real "spare" bedroom for overnight guests?Which way would you want the house facing? The morning sun on which side? Sun in the kitchen in the morning, or sunset on the front porch... Read More »

Your girlfriend wants a child and everytime you have sex you shoot your sperm inside her you have done this like 4 times but she just wont get pregnant shes not on birth control or didnt get tubes tie?

There could be many reasons why she won't get pregnant. For many couples that are trying to conceive, it takes majority up to a year to finally get pregnant. I would suggest have sex every other da... Read More »