What are some good things to hang on my wall for a country girl looking bedroom?

Answer .............." save a horse , ride a cowboy ! " also , listen to this . you should be able to find some good sayings for yourself in the lyrics of this song .

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Good ideas/things/colors for a country girl bedroom?

As for colors, pink and brown, sky blue and black, lilac, or tan colors work wonderfully together :) And you should get rustic looking wall hangings, like this one: Read More »

What are some typical "girl things" and "boy things"?

Typically, boys in my classroom like to play with Legos, blocks, science things (such as found objects from nature), dolls, pots and pans and play food, bristle blocks, writing and drawing material... Read More »

The top 10 things a girl needs to know?

a) never let peer pressure get to you b) concealer and mascara are your best friend c) you like that guy that HAD 50 girlfriends? dont go for him you'll be 51st d) who care what other people think... Read More »

What are some things a guy should never do to a girl on her periods?

well just don't annoy Her,for your own good,lol,