Anybody know some good slang terms for "drunk"?

Answer sloshedsmashedfaced****facedpissedhammeredplasteredfalling downvery happymessed up****** upmelted86ed3 sheets to the windbeltedbentbetty boopedblitzedbombedinebriatedkerschnickeredout of one's gour... Read More »

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In simple terms could some please tell me what lymphocytic leukemia is?

see here:…and here:…

Carnal knowledge of a juvenile for Louisiana can some one put it in simpler terms?

Other similar terms are "Sex with a minor", "Underage sex.

What are some good or some of your favorite Warner Brothers movies?

Warner Bros. AnimationI provided a link to the wikipedia page with the list of animated movies produced by Warner Brothers

What are some good excersizes to lose some weight and belly fat?

Low-level cardio is good for burning fat. Walking, biking, rowing, something that will increase your heartrate no more than 65% than your resting rate (typically 120-125 for 20-30 yr olds). Unfort... Read More »