What are some good techniques to make you worry less?

Answer marijuana helps one to worry less.but if youre pregnant or think youre pregnant, you prolly shouldnt be smoking.

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Products or techniques to make my hair less frizzy?

I have curly frizzy hair and what I do is put some pro naturals moroccan argan oil on my hair while it's still damp and untangle it. It usually dries without frizz and the curls are much softer aft... Read More »

What are some good brand desktop ATX mid tower cases that cost less that $150 bucks?

Check on or theres a ton of them out there depends what Modification your looking for!

I am teaching my 2 and 3 year old how to use the toilet what are some good techniques to use when teaching?

In the bathroom put a chart that has about 20 spaces in it. Then keep some stickers near by. Every time your child pee's in the toilet, put one sticker on the chart. Every time your child poops in ... Read More »

What is a good but less expensive computer printer home use,that will also print pictures for less tha $100.?

You need to decide what you want and then see how they are rated. Amazon is a good place since they have a lot of users reviews. Not whatever one you decide on, before you buy check out how much it... Read More »