I need some tattoo ideas?

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Some help with tattoo ideas?

I am thinking of getting a blood drop tattooed on my left index finger, I've seen them b4 and they look pretty cool, and only other diabetics will know what it is. Tattoos are very personal, I tho... Read More »

My first tattoo! in need of some good advice.?

the most basic tattoos will cost $50, anything less and you're risking your health literally. Research different inks and come up with a design for your tattoos. That way they'll be authentic and c... Read More »

I want to go get a tattoo tomorrow, any good ideas?

Nothing good is cheap, when dealing with tattoos. I recommend saving up some money and getting a good tattoo with meaning.

Good Cover-Up-Name Tattoo Ideas?

Many people get a partner's name tattooed on their bodies, only to regret it later. If a relationship ends and feelings change permanently, the name tattoo itself may begin to be an emotionally pai... Read More »