How to Find a Good Man if You're Less Than Beautiful?

Answer Internet Dating is tough, especially if you're less than beautiful.Life is very different for the woman who thinks of herself as physically unattractive and there are few places in the adult world ... Read More »

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How do you know if you're good-looking, beautiful, pretty, attractive, etc. to anyone?

This is an interesting question that I've wondered about before. I mean, friends often tell each other that they're good looking but you don't always know if they're being completely honest. I thin... Read More »

What is the difference between beautiful,pretty,good looking and attractive?

Beautiful: An overall amazing person, pretty inside and out.Pretty: opposite of ugly. Dresses nicely etcgood looking: has good looks- nice facial feautures nice bodyattractive: pretty, fun to be ar... Read More »

Good morning beautiful ladies; just a quick question?

Omg ANGIE hun Im so so excited for you...I can wait until you take the HPT!!It sound's like Implantation bleeding ANGIE...What does implantation bleeding look like?Most women report experiencing im... Read More »

My beautiful cherry tree has been cut right down will it really grow back even more beautiful?

Your question is a bit vague so i'll try to cover several ideas (email me with more specific info for a concise conclusion). Is the tree young, well established or in maturity? What species of cher... Read More »