What are some good speech to text software?

Answer If you have Windows XP then you already have a good speech dictation/recognition system built in. Additional capabilities can be added using the e-Speaking (website below) Voice and Speech Recognit... Read More »

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Text to Speech software?

Hi..See if this fits the bill..Hold windows key and press U ..Select "Narrator"..High light any text or select all ( Ctrl + A ) to have it read out.

Speech to Text Software for Macs?

Speech-to-text software converts the computer user's speech to either commands for the computer or typed text. If computer operation is the only requirement, Mac OS X has a built-in speech recognit... Read More »

Text to Speech Software for Microsoft?

Text to speech software allows a user to enter text into the computer and have it read aloud by a human-like voice. A variety of companies have developed applications with this feature for the Micr... Read More »

Car GPS in Australia, any recommendations on a good one with text to speech facility?

Try going on the Australian version of and search for the best selling units. Amazon has different sites for various countries. It is probably