What are some good scholarship searches?

Answer the best one that I have come across is this is a really good one and also if you go to and put a question in like... scholarships for women, then it will give you some ... Read More »

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What are some good image searches to run on Google?

Take off search safe search and search shart... there should be a cartoon on about the third row... LMAOclarinet boy[nickname for Richard]buttraptor jesus (personal favorite meme)did he drop any go... Read More »

What are some other good scholarship sites?

WIN a $10,000 SCHOLARSHIP!Steps to winning a $10,000 scholarship: * Register here: * See what free information is available from our sponsor co... Read More »

Is a scholarship still good after 9 years?

Most likely it is not, because most are meant to be used the following semester. You can always call the people who gave it to you.

How can I get a good scholarship Important please help ! !?

I go to Elon University, a semi prestigious small university in North Carolina. I ended up with a 3.5 gpa in high school and a 1350/1600 on my sats. Writing a good essay helped. And scholarships... Read More »