What are some good romance comedy movies i can watch on youtube?

Answer Um I think any good ones are new and for new ones you have to pay.

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Any good, romantic goth movies or just goth movies in general(doesn't have to be romantic)?

Bram Stokers DraculaInterview with the vampireSleepy hollowCorpse brideThe woman in blackFrom hellBrotherhood of the wolfSweeney toddWolfmanPhantom of the operaThe uninvitedWuthering heightsPerfume... Read More »

What are some awesome comedy movies?

I wish I had more information about what kind of comedy movie. Lets see any Judd Apatow movies are great if you don't mind nudity and drugs and dick jokes. SuperbadStep BrothersPineapple ExpressKno... Read More »

Can you recommend any good romantic comedy movie?

Romantic Comedies:1. She's All That2. Picture Perfect 3. Kate & Leopold4. When Harry Met Sally5. Leap Year6. Serious Moonlight7. You've Got Mail8. French Kiss9. Easy A10. Nick and Norah's Infinite ... Read More »

Some great comedy movies?

you cant beatFriday(ice cube)half baked;-)