What are some good resources for a raw food diet?

Answer google it , should take you to some interesting sites that you may find useful..Elaine Hollingsworth.she believes in a raw food diet and should be a good source of information also.

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What are some good diet sack lunches?

Make your own “Lunchables” by filling a reusable container with assorted cheese slices, easy-to-eat fruit like apple slices and grapes, and whole wheat crackers.Purchase ready-to-bake falafels ... Read More »

What are some good natural diet pills that work?

If you are 18 and haven't tried ACE yet, you should!! There has been tons of people having great success on ACE, I have lost 5lbs in about 4 days myself. It's an all natural ingredients diet pill a... Read More »

Why is a raw food diet good?

A raw food diet consists primarily of raw foods that have not been heated to more than 118 degrees F. Some people, such as model Carol Alt, strive for a diet consisting of 95 percent raw foods. Oth... Read More »

Is a raw food diet for dogs good or bad?

On One Hand: Health and Safety ConcernsMany vets feel that raw-food diets present issues such as bacterial contamination, injuries inside the body from chewing raw bones and dietary deficiencies. A... Read More »