What are some good recipes which don't involve meat or dairy?

Answer A couple of things I like....I like getting big mushrooms and stuffing them with stuff... Breadcrumbs, tomato based sauces, rice, etc.You can also use them as a burger in a sandwich and add salad, ... Read More »

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Are there Ancient Meat recipes that involve cooking it in Milk?

There are ancient Hamburger Helper recipes that involve cooking meat in milk.

Help me out I'm looking for recipes... without meat, fish, dairy, veg.oil?

I'm really into VegWeb -- a never ending supply of user submitted recipes. There's even comments for all the recipes which can have some really awesome modification ideas.

If i dont eat meat or take dairy do i need vitamin b12?

Probably. There is some b12 in eggs...if you eat a lot those every day. But your best bet is to start taking a b12 pill. They're not expensive; unlike some vitamins/minerals, you can't overdose on ... Read More »

What is a good diet that limits meat & dairy?

@Chloe... that all sounds so bland and plain lol! Sorry, that's just me though. First off, do have a salad a day. Add all the veggies you love and sprinkle it with some ground flax seed to get your... Read More »