What are some good, quick ways to get rid of belly fat?

Answer There are really no quick ways. If you eat balanced meals and avoid a lot of the fatty foods and avoid excessive snacking,drink plenty of water, and get excercise you will start to lose about an av... Read More »

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What are some good and quick ways to lose weight in one month?

if you want to lose weight i suggest you cut down on junk food and fizzy drinks in your diet and eventually cut these out. You could also try eating less carbs as these supply vast amounts of energ... Read More »

How to Belly Crawl at a Quick Pace?

In this article you will learn how to belly crawl really quickly.

How to Make a Quick Fake Pregnancy Belly?

Have you ever wanted to fool your friends, scare your family or just change your look? Well these easy tips for a fake pregnancy belly will be quick, simple and fun! It's not that realistic, but it... Read More »

Best ways to get rid of belly and thigh fat?

OMGthe 3 day diet...Its soooooo unhealthy but its only 3 days and you can lose like 5-10 lbsJust drink ALOT of water ,eat 4-6 times a day..But 10 mini carrots is too much for one'll feel... Read More »