What are some good questions to ask when considering an Assisted Living Center for your elderly parent?

Answer first ask what the nurse to patient ratio is at nite since most problems arise at nite, ask to see the incident reports for the facility for the last three years, also contact the better business b... Read More »

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Why can you not get someone in the UK to answer a dispute with 3G to answer your questions and understand what you are trying to tell them?

How to Know if Someone Is Trying to Make You Jealous?

Happy people, jealous peopleSome people may dislike you in some way. Maybe because of your popularity or something. In most cases they may come with an idea. Trying to make YOU jealous. Being jealo... Read More »

What are some yummy healthy dishes/sides/snacks you would recommend someone trying to lose a LOT of weight?

Wikobey---raisins, dried fruit, trail mix, fresh fruit, are great snacks--tasty and convenient to carry with you in case you get the nibbles!! It's wonderful you want to lose weight--do it sensibl... Read More »

What are some good questions to ask a daycare?

What is the curriculum?What kind of discipline do they use?Do they charge you when you're on vacation?What is the sick policy for children?This one may sound stupid...but ...How do they screen thei... Read More »