What are some good questions to ask a daycare?

Answer What is the curriculum?What kind of discipline do they use?Do they charge you when you're on vacation?What is the sick policy for children?This one may sound stupid...but ...How do they screen thei... Read More »

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What are some job interview questions at a daycare?

- Are you familiar with our centre's philosophy? - How would you handle conflict in the classroom?- One child hits another on the head with a car--step by step how would you handle this situation?-... Read More »

What may be some job interview questions that a daycare may ask?

Corporate/franchise centers are more thorough in their interview process. Besides the obvious questions, here are some things to think about:1. Teaching philosophy2. Educational philosophy3. Bitin... Read More »

What are some good activities for an afterschool daycare?

First, they need to run wild. They are like coiled springs all day and the have to let loose for their own sanity. Have you ever seen kids at recess? The best thing is to let them burn some of t... Read More »

What is some good modern music is play during nap time at a daycare centre?

Our program is hooked on the CD, Play To Rest. Recently our CD seemed to acquire feet, because it walked away. Needless to say, the staff and children were devastated. I totally lucked out when ... Read More »