What are some good protein bars and shakes?

Answer Go to TwinMuscleWorkout on youtube they go through all the hard work on looking for the best and they make it easy for us, they should have a video on that, and site is or something

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Are protein shakes good?

Hi Christina,You can't go wrong with Chocolate, for any brand you choose. Calcium is a good mineral to use for your bones but I wouldn't worry about that if anything you could take glucosamine for ... Read More »

Are protein bars good for lunch?

It's good depending on which kind you're eating. Some protein bars don't give much protein at all or some are high in sugar or fat. Just read the labels.

What are some good high protein recipes or list high protein foods to eat?

Hi protein foods:Meat, cheese, eggs, yogurt.Or, add protein or whey powder to your smoothies!Make a spinach protein fruit smoothie!This is the one my daughter makes over and over again: http://www.... Read More »

What do protein shakes do?