What are some good online preschool games for 4 1/2 year old?

Answer We use the child safe browser. It has screened sites an you can add to and take away content a you like.There is a ton here for kids to do, have fun and learn.

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Preschool Online Concentration Games?

Preschool children are active and curious, and their concentration tends to shift quickly from one activity to another. Teach your preschoolers about different ways to concentrate by giving them a ... Read More »

Preschool Online Memory Games?

The ever-increasing knowledge of technology and its uses has transferred to preschoolers, who can benefit from an early start with computers. Increase your child's mental processes by playing onlin... Read More »

Know any good preschool games?

It's not appropriate to teach a two/three year old another language. they have not got enough experience of their own language and will be totally confused. Anything you teach in this age group nee... Read More »

What are some good songs for a Preschool 'end of the year' slideshow?

I did the same thing last year for my toddler class, and the parents loved it. I used songs that the kids knew from school, like Mr. Sun for outdoor pictures, Old MacDonald for our farm visit, and... Read More »