Whats a good nick name for someone with the name ..?

Answer RooTiggerSkittlesLeeAllieEtc.It's hard not knowing her interests or anything...

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Hi im a pakistani and i want a good nick name for my facebook?

Do you think that "The Nolte" would be a good nickname for my Baby (his name is Nick)?

Hells yeah, and if you're lucky, he'll grow up to be at least HALF as smokin' hawt as yours truly!*hiccup*

Star this question if you think Nick is too good for/ should not go out/breakup wit Miley?

i dunno at first I thought sobut he seems kinda stuck upmaybe they were destined for each othersince they both have that in common

What is the show think it was on nick about this alien who kinda has like antenna eyes and was really tall and there was a good alien and a bad one?

I think it was Prometheus and Bob part of KaBlam ! On nickelodeon