What are some good new house ideas?

Answer Create Wall Art with Shoe BoxesMake Wine Bottle Storage using PVC PipeMake a No-Slip Dish TowelPainting a room makes a HUGE difference, but sometimes it really is a pain to paintPaint Ceramic Tile

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What are good house party ideas?

Well just have regular house party severd with some finger food Metaballsdevil eggschicken wingsHotwingsChicken tenderschips and dips

I am having a house warming party and would love ideas on food, drinks and other ideas to make it a success!?

Lots of drink, lots of music - make some good CDs up in advance, simple foods that don't require plates/forks etc if it's gonna be a big party, get your friends to invite their friends. You could a... Read More »

Moving house, where online can i get interior design ideas and inspiration I am moving home and need ideas.?

There are a couple of websites you could look at: they're useful.

I'm looking for good DVD ideas - I just got a new home theather system. Any ideas?

terminator, james bond, starwars, jarasic park, i robotthats the ones we use to show off the capabilities of the home cinemas and we sell ones up to £100,000 and we use these dvds day in day outme... Read More »