What are some good meatless Mediterranean meals that are easy to make?

Answer Eggplant parmesan. Vegetarian lasagne. Pasta Primavera. Gnocchi. Linguine with sundried tomatoes, olive oil and garlic.A big greek salad.

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Besides lasagna, what are some good family-friendly meals that you make ahead of time?

I often make extra so I could freeze meals. Sheperds Pie (make 3, eat 1 and freeze two) Make standard and taco flavoured Sheperds pie (turkey or beef)3 cheese and broccoli tortelliniFetticini Alfr... Read More »

What are some cheap and easy, but healthy meals to make for tea (UK)?

soup, pasta, stir fry, baked potatoes, beans on toast, egg on toast, ham egg and chips, sausage and mash, omlettes, nachos, frozen food is nearly always cheaper.stock up on tins, pasta sauces etc w... Read More »

What are some good ideas for a "winter food" for preschoolers that would be easy to make...?

ants on a log celery with peanut butter on it topped with raisins

What are some good French meals?

Some Typical French Meals are:Sirloin steak with pepper Spring veal with new vegetablesSliced fillet of chicken with roquefort sauceTomatoes stuffed with goat's cheeseTurket stuffed with chestnutsT... Read More »