What are some good meals to cook while camping?

Answer Weight, storage and cooking are key considerations when choosing. Weight -- you gotta pack it in (and trash out if you're a good camper!) Storage -- protected, packable, non-perishable. Cooking ... Read More »

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What are some good/healty meals one can cook on a low income?

I have thought of a number of things.First of all, you can never go wrong with pasta. It is simple, cheap and delicious. You will need some onion, some garlic, some bacon or chicken, some oregano, ... Read More »

I'm 13, my mum wants me to cook my own meals. Is this normal?

Yes of course it is, as long as you are safe and know what you are doing in the kitchen then that should be fine. it could be something to do with the independence and she wants you to show her you... Read More »

What are some of your favorite meals to cook?

Baked ChickenRoastSoupsPork chopsFried ChickenStir fries

How to Cook Cheap Meals?

Cooking from scratch can be a costly venture if you aren’t careful. Before you step foot inside a grocery store, plan out the meals you plan on making. Do not deviate from this plan when you do g... Read More »