What are some good marijuana facts?

Answer it reduces the ability of cancer cells to spread and shrinks tumors by at least 50%. its also good at relieving any kind of pain like from Multiple sclerosis..its also good at treating glaucoma and... Read More »

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What are some good facts about IPod?

Need help about Marijuana Facts.?

Your question is not clear, if you can clarify your question I will change my answer:You might want to read this document… which I have reproduced a smal... Read More »

What are some various herbs one could take to enhance aspects of Marijuana?

valerian root and kava kava, the latter is harder to find go to a vitaminshoppe they usually carry it, those 2 herbs work great.

Why do some people say marijuana is bad?

It actually started with a lie. Have you ever heard of "reefer madness" and the whole situation regarding it? People bought it hook, line, and sinker and ever since we have been dealing with viciou... Read More »