What are some good marijuana facts?

Answer it reduces the ability of cancer cells to spread and shrinks tumors by at least 50%. its also good at relieving any kind of pain like from Multiple sclerosis..its also good at treating glaucoma and... Read More »

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Need help about Marijuana Facts.?

Your question is not clear, if you can clarify your question I will change my answer:You might want to read this document… which I have reproduced a smal... Read More »

Is Marijuana good for insomnia?

Yes it helps with insomnia, but unless you get it by prescription, it is illegal so you've got to be very careful how you get it. No, it's not physically addictive, and you can't overdose, but it i... Read More »

Medical marijuana...good or bad?

Marijuana and hemp (the same basic plant without the THC) are both very beneficial for various reasons.You can check out some in-depth info here:…http://ww... Read More »

Is my soil good for growing marijuana?

Why not ask the people on stoner/mushroom forums, that have more experience with it? That's really a better place for questions of this nature. Most of us here would rather learn about or grow plan... Read More »