I reallly need some good make up tips!?

Answer I say go with a very natural look. You don't want to look gaudy! Natural-looking beauty a big thing. Some tips:Lips - Get a very light lipstick, as close to your natural lip color as possible. Dab ... Read More »

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What are some really good and easy to follow tips for good oral health?

Tips for good oral hygeine:1.Brush ur teeth minimum twice a day,1.after getting from bed & 2.before going to bed2.Brush with round movements, for front teeth,and from below up-wards the inner sides... Read More »

What are some good songwriting tips?

I'm a rapper and songwriter myself. All I can tell you is to try and tell a story on the subject you're writing about, make sure it makes sense, rhyme the endings or occasional words at or near the... Read More »

What are some good tips for weight loss?

What are some good spring cleaning tips?

#1-DONATE. Donate things you have not worn in years, have not worn in months and cannot fit. It makes no sense to hold onto things if they create a clutter.#2- Go by the "Three month" ruleIf you ha... Read More »