What are some good kinds of cigars?

Answer Non cubans would be Auto fuente CAOAshtonAVOrocky patel oliva Cubans HoyoPunchBolivar Raf gonzales Cuaba And yes you have to cut the cap off all good cigars.

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Are Jamaica cigars any good?

Some of the Jamaican blend cigars are quite nice and pretty cheap but if I remember correctly there are no official LCDH distributors in Jamaica so be very careful if you are looking for Cuban cigars.

Good cigars and questions about them?

My favorites are in no order, arturo fuente, illusione, cohiba, montecristo, CAO, Carillo, Rocky Patel, and I don't normally deviate from those.The humidor is made of wood and holds the humidity in... Read More »

What are some good-quality, relatively inexpensive cigars?

Hey,For getting familiar with the best cigars, I suggest you visit a cigar specialty shop. I don't know where you live, but there is at least one of those in every city. Sometimes you can find ciga... Read More »

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