What are some good image searches to run on Google?

Answer Take off search safe search and search shart... there should be a cartoon on about the third row... LMAOclarinet boy[nickname for Richard]buttraptor jesus (personal favorite meme)did he drop any go... Read More »

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What are some good scholarship searches?

the best one that I have come across is this is a really good one and also if you go to and put a question in like... scholarships for women, then it will give you some ... Read More »

What percentage of google searches are for porn?

This is difficult to answer because there is almost no way to track it all. I'd have to assume that like 70% of websites are related to porn. Therefore, the search rate is probably around 70% as ... Read More »

What are some good places to visit on Google Earth?

Try finding your house, I have done that and its loads of fun.

Google searches......?

If you want to eliminate certain Sites like bebo, myspace, etc. you can use this form: . The - means "not, or the opposite of the following expression". The "inurl:" is a google ... Read More »