What are some good ideas when your in iss?

Answer just randomly start annoying other people in the room... like just start talking to whoever is in charge of you... ask them random questions and when they tell you to stop talking, keep asking ques... Read More »

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I'm looking for good DVD ideas - I just got a new home theather system. Any ideas?

terminator, james bond, starwars, jarasic park, i robotthats the ones we use to show off the capabilities of the home cinemas and we sell ones up to £100,000 and we use these dvds day in day outme... Read More »

What else is good I need ideas.?

Avoid iceberg lettuce. Butter lettuce has a slightly sweeter taste, arugula and spinach are a little more peppery. Romaine is pretty neutral but it's darker so better for you. Why not try the di... Read More »

Any good sandwich ideas?

smoked turkey, lettuce, mayo, dijon mustard and mango chutney on toasted onion bread

What are some good tumblr url ideas?

you have to give me something to work with. not just what you reblog, but what you like. urls are based off that.