What are some good tumblr url ideas?

Answer you have to give me something to work with. not just what you reblog, but what you like. urls are based off that.

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What are some good ideas for a rave?

click on the name of your nightclub and click on the closed bit

What are some good new house ideas?

Create Wall Art with Shoe BoxesMake Wine Bottle Storage using PVC PipeMake a No-Slip Dish TowelPainting a room makes a HUGE difference, but sometimes it really is a pain to paintPaint Ceramic Tile

What are some good lunch ideas?

1 you can still have sandwiches, just not wheat bread there are tone sof other kinds of breads out there that have no wheat alright good. here is some good recipies i also recomend that you pick up... Read More »

What are some good ideas for bachelorette parties?

Rent a lake house or a cabin. Male stripper optional.Another one would be to road trip to a city and go to a Broadway show, it will slow down the partying for the majority of the night.