Some good horror movies with great atmospheres?

Answer 28 Days Later28 Weeks Later30 Days of NightA Nightmare on Elm StreetAlienBram Stoker's DraculaCarrieChernobyl DiariesCloverfieldConstantineCube ( I love this one)Dawn of the DeadDaybreakersDevilDra... Read More »

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What are some great horror/thriller movies?

I agree with Dallajanooma, the best thriller/horrors have to be the Saw series.Some that I've watched (and enjoyed):-Hostel:Gory splatter horror, youths go on holiday to Amsterdam and become victim... Read More »

Any really good horror movies?

The ClinicThe LodgeMum And Dad, The Loved Ones (If you like torture films, watch these!!)OrphanThe Woman In BlackCradle Will Fall (based on a true story, very disturbing...)ChooseI Spit On Your Gra... Read More »

How to Choose Good Horror Movies (for teens)?

Sometimes you really need a horror movie but sometimes all you get is movies with really rubbish special effects and fake blood. Want to get a really good movie? Follow these steps!

Good horror/mystery/thriller movies?

the EVIL DEAD is really scary and you wont be able to sleep for a day after u watch thatalso there is:-SILENT HOUSE-THE KILLING ROOM-THE SHINNING-ROOM 257-HIDE AND SEEK-THE HOLE (thats the best! :D... Read More »