What are some good games for children?

Answer Duck duck GooseRed Rover Red RoverWho stole the cookie from the cookie jarMusical chairs

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What are some games children with disabilities can play to help them learn?

This yellow liquid is the first of your breast milk. You can buy pads for your bra to catch it and keep your clothes clean. Go to the baby section of wal-mart and you will find alot of things there... Read More »

What video games are good for children 6 years old?

On One Hand: Games rated EC or E May Be Fine for 6-Year-OldsThe Entertainment Software Ratings Board (ESRB) rates video games on their age appropriateness for children. As of May 2010, there were 2... Read More »

What are some good ideas for babysitting 11 children?

Hi ive been doing babysitting for 4years and i too had the problem once i normally look after 10 kids but once looked after 15 so yea this info really helped me so i hope it helps you when baby si... Read More »

What are some good free iPad 2 games?

Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja, Tiny Tower, Dragonvale, Terrapets, Monster Story, Agent Dash, Pocket Army, Temple Run, Battleheart. You could also download Appsfire Deals. This shows you apps which have ... Read More »