What are some good free virus scans, where i can also delete the viruses they need to be free?

Answer Here is what I use to keep my computer clean, all are free.Anti Virus… - AVG Anti Virus - Trend Micro free online virus and... Read More »

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What is a good free anti virus program for my pc that can get rid of some small viruses?

Microsoft Security Essentials…

I have viruses and I'm looking for a good FREE online virus scanner that also deletes the virues.?

VIRUS REMOVAL STEPS:this will be long,tedious and frustrrating but it needs doing step by stepXP:most nasties are set to reside in your restore system. clean them out and forget to close S.R. BEFO... Read More »

Were can i get free virus scans?

I answered your previous question but I'll put it here too in case you don't go back to it...I feel the two best free antivirus are Avira and Avast. Avira has slightly better detection rates than A... Read More »

What are some free downloadable virus scans that work?