What are some good, free ebook sources?

Answer Firstly you can find many free eBooks on Amazon -… these are free and easy to download.Other sites provide free books too. Downloading may not be quite as... Read More »

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How to Publish Your Own eBook for Free and Sell It?

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Acne Free in 3 Days--Chris Gibson ebook: What is the detox method(s) in the book?

Read it yourself here:…Of what I understood it's eating only apples for 3 days and drinking water.

How to Design Good eBook Covers?

Over the past several years, eBooks have increased drastically in popularity. In order to serve a broader audience, catchy, eye-popping covers can be a very powerful marketting tool.

Anyone know of any good pdf to ebook format converters?

Try free calibre to convert eBooks.…Follow this guide and you are sure to catch it.