What are some good film camera's for someone thats taking photography ?

Answer Buy a Canon EOS Rebel film camera. Then you can use the lenses from your DSLR. You can sell the film camera later or you might just decide to keep it as a back-up.

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What film cameras and lenses are satisfactory for wildlife photography at dawn and dusk?

Answer Use as fast a lense as you can afford...under f/2 if possible...and the fastest film you can find. I used ASA 800 or ASA 1600 in a Canon F-1. but some cameras won't set that high. The qua... Read More »

Good Cameras for Photography and Filming?

Good cameras to film on !!!!?

The "best camera for filming" will be a *film* camera, not a digital camera.We assume you mean a digital camera that can capture video as a secondary "convenience feature" or a camcorder.Step 1: se... Read More »

Are cannon cameras a good choice for beginners photography?

Yes, I think so. Canon PowerShot cameras offer the best in digital camera technology, style and ease of use. Canon's optics, DIGIC processor and stunning design make PowerShot digital cameras the b... Read More »