Hai,Give me some names starting with L for a female child.If any website please suggest to select names.?

Answer Lily like the flower:)

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What are some good colognes for men, looking for a female opinion.?

I love USHER Eau De Toilette Spray Spicy and romantic! Usher is a very good smelling cologne - to me, it smells pretty fruity... sort of like pineapple/bubblegum or like the gum... Read More »

What are some good YouTube names?

Personally I have found out the easiest names to remember on YouTube (and I have been on YouTube for a very long time) are the simple ones. I recommend Mr or Mrs and then a word that descirbes your... Read More »

What are some good boy and girl names?

I like Zach, troy, and dante for girls i like kim, Jennifer,and Hannah Well those are all decent naems but I prefer the following :(boys names)Pheonix,Jakeb,Jake,and Edward.For girls I like:Scarle... Read More »

Hey what are some good bands with a female lead singer?