What are some good equalizer software To enhance the audio on my computer.?

Answer RealTime Equalizer 4.10 is a good equalizer software to enhance the audio on my computer. Get it Installed on your computer and feel the difference

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How to Use an Equalizer Properly for Audio Sound?

Knowing how to use an equalizer properly is very important for both recording musicians and those who just want to get the best possible sound when listening to music at home. Equalization, which a... Read More »

Does anyone know of software to manually control the Audio-Out jack on your computer to be able to switch from headphones to speakers without removing the headphone plug?

How can I enhance a poor audio tape recording?

You can connect your tape player to your PC through a line in connection (you'll need the red and white analoge output to line in wire).PolderBits is a program which records audio from another sour... Read More »

Whats a good free audio tuner download for my Computer?

There is wavosaur and audacity. I just downloaded wavosaur and am trying it out. they are both free. :)